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Window Cleaning Robot Clean the Dirty Glass


The window cleaning robot comes with its own companion smartphone application, supporting both Android and iOS devices. Enabling you to control the robot remotely and receive updates and notifications directly to your smartphone.

automatic glass cleaner

Although cleaning the window panes may not be difficult in your house, it can be challenging in homes with a lot of large, high-reaching windows. The Automatic Window Cleaning Robot is designed to help, by autonomously moving across the glass while cleaning it.

window cleaning robot

the Window Robot Home Cleaning is initially filled with a cleaning liquid of the user's choice, and then placed by hand against a vertical window pane – it adheres to the glass using a powered suction system. Utilizing either an included wireless remote control unit or an iOS/Android app on their smartphone, the user subsequently selects the type of window-cleaning path that they wish the robot to travel.

Once activated, the device proceeds to follow that path, moving along on four rollers while wiping away accumulated crud using interchangeable pads. An edge-detection system keeps the window cleaner from bumping into the window frames, plus it lets the robot know when to turn around.
window washing robot

window cleaning robot

A smart path detection system, powerful suction, edge-to-edge detection, low noise output, 30 minute backup battery and the companies Hook anti-fall system. these main features are the advantages of the Window Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

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