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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Purchase Skill Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Robot vacuum cleaner, also known as a sweeper. The cleanliness of the home can be effectively maintained by making regular appointments. Today we will look at the selection of robot vacuum cleaners, the latest offer for Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

robot vacuum and mop

Cordless Camera Robot Vacuum Cleaner purchase tips

, main brush, side brush and trash can

Side brush requirements:

Made of high-grade materials to effectively resist impact

The side brush is equipped with a spring, which can effectively withstand the impact.

floor sweeper robot

Main brush requirements:

The main brush pressure is self-adjusting

The location of the garbage storage bin and the main brush are relatively close, which can ensure the recovery of a large amount of debris and debris.

2, vacuum and filtration system

The powerful suction system consists of a high-powered fan that can completely suck the waste into the outer filter filter. Such enclosure filter dusters generally do not require frequent replacement or repair.

self cleaning vacuum cleaner

3. The dumping process and steps of garbage

The dumping work of garbage is mainly done by the control panel. In the process of dumping, because it is a manual operation, the operator should be quite familiar with the entire control process.

First: Before dumping the trash, be sure to check and make sure the lid of the trash can is closed.

Second: When the brush stops, this indicates that the lid will open automatically.

Third: the lever is pulled back, and the dustbin is lifted and dumped (the safety device system enables the operator to remove the obstacle when lifting). When the bin is lowered, the lever is pushed forward to the same position.

4, operational safety

The safe operation of the machine not only requires the operator to know how to use it correctly, so it is also necessary to train and train the understanding and control of key functions.

Mopping Vacuum Robot

1) You can add a ceiling to ensure that the machine can work all day. After adding a roof, it can play the role of sun protection and rain protection.

2) The joystick and the opening key are marked in a conspicuous position, which is convenient for the operator to operate more flexibly.

3) In addition to the conventional parking brake system, the red warning light button button is installed on the right front of the vehicle body to facilitate the emergency stop of the car.

The above content introduces the purchase skills of the robot vacuum cleaner, some questions about the latest offer of the robot vacuum cleaner, hope this article can help you.

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